Zoomers aan Zee & Lacoly

Lacoly, a WhatsApp communication platform tailored for hotels, has recently forged a collaboration with Hotel Zoomers aan Zee located in Castricum. This partnership marks a significant advancement in hospitality communication technology, promising enhanced guest experiences and streamlined operations for the seaside hotel.
With the integration of Lacoly’s innovative WhatsApp communication solution, the Hotel Zoomers aan Zee aims to further elevate its guest-centric approach by facilitating seamless interactions and personalized assistance. Lacoly’s platform empowers hotels to leverage the ubiquitous messaging app, WhatsApp, as a versatile tool for guest engagement and service delivery. By enabling direct and instant communication between guests and hotel staff, Lacoly facilitates real-time responses to inquiries, requests, and feedback, thereby fostering a heightened sense of convenience and satisfaction for guests.
For Hotel Zoomers aan Zee, the collaboration with Lacoly translates into tangible benefits across various touchpoints of the guest journey. From pre-arrival assistance, such as booking inquiries and special requests, to on-site interactions encompassing concierge services and dining reservations, the integration of WhatsApp communication streamlines communication channels, ensuring prompt and personalized attention to guest needs.