Hotel Miss Blanche & Lacoly


The partnership between Hotel Miss Blanche in Groningen and Lacoly marks a transformative advancement in guest experience and hospitality technology. By collaborating with Lacoly, an innovative WhatsApp communication platform tailored for hotels, Hotel Miss Blanche aims to further elevate its guest experience.
One of the standout features of this partnership is the integration of Lacoly’s services for secure and seamless access to hotel rooms. Through the Lacoly platform, guests at Hotel Miss Blanche have the option to receive unique codes via WhatsApp, allowing them to unlock their rooms without the need for traditional keys or keycards. This innovative approach not only enhances convenience for guests but also ensures heightened security and flexibility in room access, setting a new standard for modern hospitality.
In addition to the door access feature, Lacoly enables direct and instant communication between guests and hotel staff via WhatsApp. This facilitates personalized interactions, allowing guests to make requests, inquire about amenities, or seek recommendations with ease. The platform streamlines guest communication channels, leading to quicker response times and enhanced guest satisfaction throughout their stay.
Overall, the collaboration between Hotel Miss Blanche and Lacoly represents a synergistic fusion of luxury hospitality and cutting-edge technology. By leveraging Lacoly’s innovative WhatsApp communication platform, Hotel Miss Blanche reinforces its commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences while embracing modern solutions for convenience, security and personalized service.