The Bellhop Hotel & Lacoly

The partnership between The Bellhop Hotel in Rotterdam and Lacoly, a cutting-edge WhatsApp communication platform for hotels, signifies a significant advancement in guest engagement and operational efficiency within the hospitality industry. 

The Bellhop Hotel, settled in the city of Rotterdam at the Witte Withstraat, offers temporary accommodation to a new breed of travellers who are conscious about their impact on the planet. By integrating Lacoly’s innovative communication solution into its operations, The Bellhop Hotel aims to enhance the guest experience and streamline internal processes. This integration empowers guests at The Bellhop Hotel to effortlessly connect with the hotel staff for inquiries, requests, and feedback, ensuring a seamless and personalized service experience from booking to check-out.

The collaboration brings numerous benefits to The Bellhop Hotel. Firstly, it facilitates personalized guest interactions, enabling the hotel to anticipate and fulfill individual