MAP Hotel & Lacoly

Lacoly and MAP Hotel have joined forces to revolutionize the guest communication of MAP Hotel. Lacoly specializes in providing WhatsApp communication solutions for hotels, offering an innovative and efficient way for establishments to connect with their guests. Through this collaboration, upscale boutique hotel MAP Hotel, can leverage Lacoly’s services to ensure seamless communication and a heightened guest experience.

MAP Hotel, renowned for its luxurious offerings such as the award-winning restaurant SCALE and the rejuvenating LEGEND Spa, aims to elevate guest satisfaction by implementing Lacoly’s WhatsApp communication platform. By integrating this cutting-edge technology, hotels can streamline communication, reducing workload for staff while providing guests with a convenient and personalized experience.

The collaboration aims to improve guest satisfaction, optimize operational efficiency, and ultimately increase revenue per room. Guests at MAP Hotel can expect enhanced communication channels, allowing them to easily access information and services. Additionally, the hotel’s renowned facilities, including the culinary mastery at SCALE and the tranquil luxury of LEGEND Spa, will be complemented by the seamless communication facilitated by Lacoly. Guests can enjoy exclusive discounts on dining experiences at SCALE and spa visits, further enriching their stay.