Kingscote Barn & Lacoly

Lacoly and The Kingscote Barn have teamed up to bring an enhanced level of communication and experience to guests at this picturesque wedding venue. Lacoly specializes in providing innovative WhatsApp communication solutions for hotels, and through this collaboration, The Kingscote Barn aims to elevate guest satisfaction by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

As a wedding venue that also offers accommodation, The Kingscote Barn has continuously expanded its offerings since opening in 2006. From Eco Pods, Lodges, and a Shepherds Hut to the remarkable Tree House added in 2019, the venue has consistently evolved to meet the needs of its guests. The addition of the onsite Getting Ready Studio in 2021 and the outdoor courtyard kitchen area with a smokehouse BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven in 2023 further demonstrate a commitment to providing a unique and memorable experience.

With Lacoly’s WhatsApp communication platform, The Kingscote Barn aims to ensure seamless and personalized communication with guests, ultimately improving the overall guest experience. The collaboration is expected to reduce the workload for the venue’s staff while contributing to increased revenue per room. Guests can anticipate a more streamlined and convenient communication process before arrival and during their stay at The Kingscote Barn.