JAM Lisbon & Lacoly

The dynamic alliance forged between JAM Hotels and Lacoly epitomizes a groundbreaking leap forward in guest satisfaction and hospitality technology. Teaming up with Lacoly, a trailblazing WhatsApp communication platform designed specifically for hotels, JAM Hotels endeavors to take its guest experience to unprecedented heights. A pivotal aspect of this partnership lies in the seamless integration of Lacoly’s services for foolproof and effortless entry into hotel rooms. Through the Lacoly platform, patrons of JAM Hotels now have the option to receive exclusive codes via WhatsApp, granting them access to their accommodations sans the hassle of conventional keys or keycards. This revolutionary approach not only amplifies convenience for guests but also fortifies security measures and offers unparalleled flexibility in room entry, setting an illustrious benchmark for contemporary hospitality standards. Beyond the realm of door access, Lacoly facilitates direct and instantaneous communication between guests and hotel personnel via WhatsApp. This fosters tailor-made interactions, empowering guests to make requests, seek information about amenities, or solicit recommendations effortlessly. The platform optimizes guest communication channels, resulting in swifter response times and heightened guest contentment throughout their sojourn. In essence, the collaboration between JAM Hotels and Lacoly epitomizes a harmonious amalgamation of opulent hospitality and state-of-the-art technology. Harnessing the potential of Lacoly’s innovative WhatsApp communication platform, JAM Hotels reaffirms its dedication to delivering superlative guest experiences while embracing contemporary solutions for convenience, security, and bespoke service.