With Lacoly we aim for convenience. One price that allows you to start right away.

We do not believe in start-up costs. Together with you we discuss how to set up the flows and make sure everything is ready for you to start right away.

For €3.5 a month / a room you can start using WhatsApp. 

Within this monthly package, our support team is always ready to set up or modify your desired flows. We have a wide range of examples that we would like to share with you. And we will help you to prepare the best flows possible.

Prices for hotels

We like being transparent. We have one monthly price per room that contains everything you need.


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per room, per month excl. VAT

WhatsApp integration

Your own mobile number

Payments via WhatsApp

Smart upsell possibilities

24/7 Lacoly support

Access own dashboard

WhatsApp flow examples

Stats & reports


We like being transparent. We have one monthly package that contains everything you need.

All in one

Go for the best communication
60 per month excl. VAT
  • Plug & Play
  • 1000 sessions
  • 24/7 support
  • We think along
  • Own number
  • Landing pages

WhatsApp is not based on the number of messages sent or received, but on sessions with WhatsApp users. read more about sessions here .

After the 1000 sessions from the monthly package, we charge 49 cents per session excl. VAT. Every month you start with 1000 new sessions before the costs per session start.

Prices for other industries

We work with fixed monthly prices for every industry. We update this pages when new prices are available. 

Is your industry not listed on this page? Please contact us and we will share the prices based on your situation. 


Simply start with Lacoly to apply efficiencies within the organization and build better customer loyalty.