Automatic customer contact

The app that can be found on almost every phone is WhatsApp. It recently has become possible to send WhatsApp messages and respond to user’s messages automatically.

With Lacoly, you can use WhatsApp to your advantage. Now you can work more efficiently and build a better relationship with your customers.

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Calls are easy to set up and customize. This way your customers are always aware of everything they need to know.


WhatsApp has only been available for companies for a short time. Play smartly on this and be unique and playful to your customers.


Use existing customer data in the proposed WhatsApp messages to approach your customers via WhatsApp in a personal way.


Share all the necessary data with your customers to avoid questions or ask the customer for additional information. This way you save time.

Examples in practice

Lacoly for hotels

Fewer and fewer email messages are being read, making it increasingly difficult to communicate with hotel guests. The arrival of automated WhatsApp messages offers a solution. Now you can connect with hotel guests on a personal level and stay in direct contact.

The hotels we work with have different goals: 

  • Sharing important pre-arrival information.
  • Collecting necessary guest information.
  • Sharing interesting offers.

Lacoly for feedback

How did your customers experience your services? Why don’t you ask them? With Lacoly you can ask for feedback after each visit with different options to respond with. Depending on the button the customer chooses, a follow-up message can be sent. This way, you can ask why the customer was dissatisfied or ask satisfied customers to share their experiences. 

  • Easily learn from customers’ experiences.
  • Take action based on these experiences.
  • Create extra repeat visits.

Lacoly for restaurants

Every restaurant must deal with ‘no-shows’. Lacoly effectively combats empty tables. We send a WhatsApp message to the guest a few hours before their arrival. By using the buttons below the message, the guest can easily confirm or cancel the reservation. 

A simple reminder message so that the guest can easily respond.

  • Put more responsibility on the guest.
  • Don’t ask for down payments.


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The opportunities with WhatsApp

The new possibilities with WhatsApp provide an excellent basis for establishing a better and smarter connection with customers. WhatsApp replaces communication via e-mail, SMS or telephone (conversation).

WhatsApp vs SMS
When using SMS, you pay for every message you send. When using WhatsApp you only pay for starting the conversation for the next 24 hours. All WhatsApp messages sent back and forth within these 24 hours are free of charge. And sending that back and forth is another big difference with texting. You interact with WhatsApp. This way you can share much more with the customer and ask a lot more from the customer. We ensure that the 24 hours are well spent, because we set up smart WhatsApp flows. In this way we get the most out of the conversation with the customer.

WhatsApp vs Email
E-mail is a good platform for sending bundled information such as administration or newsletters. It is less convenient for simple notifications, because it takes more effort to open an email than, for example, WhatsApp. Many customers are also less willing to respond or confirm via email. In addition, there is a chance that your message will end up in the unwanted folder and will not be noticed or will be noticed too late. Although sending e-mails is often free, there are still costs for using programs to send e-mail messages.


WhatsApp has recently become a serious option when it comes to customer contact. By entering into short interactions with customers, you as an organization can offer a better customer experience, work more effectively and take advantage of commercial opportunities. Quickly view all the benefits of WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not refer to the number of messages sent or received, but assumes sessions with WhatsApp users.

A session can be started in two ways. You can approach the user or the user can approach you. In both cases, the session starts when you respond as an organization. So if you are the first to receive a message from a user, the session will not start until you have (automatically) responded to it.

Each session has a duration of 24 hours. During these 24 hours, all WhatsApp messages sent between you and the user are allocated to one session. If the 24 hours after you sent the first WhatsApp message have passed, the session will close. If a WhatsApp message follows from you after a closed session, a new session of 24 hours will start.

A WhatsApp flow is a term we invented to indicate the fixed conversation models. A WhatsApp flow is set up to get the most out of a conversation with the user. We set up the conversation in advance with these flows. We always give the user buttons to respond so that the conversation maintains itself.

Of course, the user can always stop during the flow or contact someone from your organization directly.

There is a solution for every customer contact question. This way you can request information, share the right information or create commercial opportunities.

We have many examples of flows ready and we look for the best solutions for each customer.

We ensure that you can quickly start sending WhatsApp messages to your customers. Together we draw up the perfect flows. We look at the goal of the flow and how we can achieve the goal in the most efficient way. This is different with every flow.

Lacoly offers an affordable package that contains everything to approach and help your customers via WhatsApp. The package contains 1000 sessions. After these sessions have started, we charge 49 cents (excl. VAT) per new session. Every month you start with 1000 new sessions before the costs per session start.

Read more about it here.

Many industries can focus on a better customer experience, work more efficiently and create commercial opportunities by using WhatsApp. We have mentioned the examples here.

From our own experience we notice that 1000 sessions per month is sufficient for SMEs. For larger companies, we offer extra sessions if desired for 49 cents (excl. VAT) per session. We ensure that our systems continue to function even with larger numbers of sessions.

We have a handy dashboard where our customers can find all the insights. Via this dashboard you can see exactly how the flows run and you can make changes where necessary.

Flows are automated. As soon as a user outside the flow types a WhatsApp message, we forward it to you. This way you can always respond directly to questions and/or comments outside the flow.

Starting is easy and can be arranged within a day. take Contact Contact us and tell us how you want to use WhatsApp for your customers. We then set up the flow(s) and as soon as everything is completed, we activate the flow(s). Everything in good consultation, of course.

We are a partner of WhatsApp. This recognition allows us to use the functions such as buttons and automatic message sending. We can then apply this within the organization together with you.

Of course that can always happen. With our flows we do not oblige customers to anything. If the customer does not want to use the communication via WhatsApp, it is enough to simply not respond. In that case, no follow-up messages will be sent.

In this version of WhatsApp, we link a number to it that can no longer be used on a phone. The number is therefore only used to send preset flows and to receive responses based on that.

We’ll automatically notify you if user comments arise outside of the flows. You indicate how you would like to be informed about this.

Which can. There are now three versions of WhatsApp, starting with the basic version that everyone uses. In addition, you have WhatsApp Business. This tool is useful for freelancers and sole traders. For example, this version allows you to set up an automatic response if someone contacts you. And then there is the WhatsApp API. A newly launched solution only available to official ‘Solution Providers’. With this solution you have the advantages that we tell you about, but costs are also charged.

What Lacoly does:

With Lacoly you can develop simple flows that your customers use via WhatsApp to:

  • make, change or cancel reservations;
  • receive reminders and actively respond;
  • give reviews of the place they have been;
  • easy to order products.

What does it bring?

Lacoly is there for:

  • efficiency : to be ahead of guest questions;
  • marketing : to get your name visible to the customer;
  • more turnover : offer interesting offers via WhatsApp;
  • interaction : easy to get answers to questions;
  • more reviews : grow the number of reviews.

Why Lacoly

Lacoly is one of the first to have a WhatsApp link to apply new WhatsApp features. This way we can ensure that WhatsApp messages are sent automatically. We use buttons to ensure that users can interact.

How to start

Getting started with Lacoly is easy. Together with you we will achieve effective ‘flows‘ and we ensure that everything is ready in no time. Test the flows yourself and then get started right away.


Simply start with Lacoly to apply efficiencies within the organization and build better customer loyalty.

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